Saturday, June 2, 2012

happy graduation

seems like there were a TON of graduations this year!  

my sister-in-law to be (this august) graduated from coe college,

and my little sister graduated from grinnell college!  

we are so very proud of both of them ;)

and since we were unable to make it to either one of their actual ceremonies, we had a nice little family celebration last weekend.  

it was a gorgeous day for a barbeque, and hendrix had a blast hanging out with all his aunts and uncles.  
he gets so much attention and loves every second of it!

as is becoming the norm, we are grouping special events together to celebrate at one time as it is just impossible to all get together for each big day; so rachel, jake and mom all got to open some birthday presents as well.

the day was full of celebrating, sun and food.  

how perfect!

hendrix discovered his new love for pasta salad, as he climbed up onto the picnic table and started eating 'noodles' right out of the bowl.......i was glad to see something a little bit healthier than the huge amount of chips he was consuming before that.....

he played baseball with a bat for the first time - thanks to papa and nana.  he has a glove at home, and he likes to play catch with gabe, but swinging the bat was obviously a new and exciting adventure!

oh, and don't forget the cake!  

yum, yum

while some relaxed....

others were full of energy!!!

what a fun and special day!

happy graduation, ladies! ;)

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