Sunday, June 10, 2012

20 weeks {halfway there!}

while i still can't believe it, we have already hit the 20 week mark with this pregnancy!

on friday i had an ultrasound and got to see our sweet baby blaire again, which was really awesome!  i am amazed at how much transformation takes place in just a few weeks. her eyes were closed most of the time, and she kept putting her thumb in her mouth ;)  the tech did do some 3d shots of her, but they are not real clear images.  it takes a while for the image to render, and she was just moving too much to get a clear shot.  the tech said that we will probably have more luck with those the next time around as she will be bigger then and have less room to move around ;)

speaking of, we have another ultrasound scheduled for friday, the 29th, in just 3 weeks.  while blaire measured right on track for her new due date, my cervix measurement wasn't as good as the doctor would have liked, so she wants to check it again very soon.  last month my cervix measured at 4.5 cm and this month it was 4 cm.  while any number above 2 cm is considered stable at this point, she said that it shouldn't be shortening so rapidly yet, and that could pose a problem later on down the road.  she hasn't recommended any treatment at this point, just careful monitoring.  

she also told me that she would like to see me gain some more weight ;)  that is the first time a doctor has ever told me that!  i am currently up only 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, and apparently that is a little less than her preference.  i think i can attribute some of this to healthier eating as i have been cutting out fried and high fat foods (to avoid gallbladder troubles), so i honestly think that my weight seems healthier, but i will make an effort to eat snacks more often.  i just have trouble eating very much at one time these stomach is getting squished!

oh, and my belly button is starting to pop.  i really don't like that side makes me feel like a stuffed turkey......

otherwise things are still going well over here.  the weather has gotten really warm, and i have loved spending a few afternoons at the pool with hendrix....that cool water is so refreshing!

here's to another uneventful 20 weeks ;)

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