Tuesday, September 17, 2013


have i mentioned that blaire loves to eat!?!

i seriously think she is the happiest when she is sitting in her high chair.  
she loves snacks.  
she would have them all day long if i let her. ;)

she still only has two teeth.
that doesn't stop her.

oh and she likes to lounge.  

it isn't out of the ordinary to look over and see one of her legs kicked up on the tray.

goofy girl.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

hair sprouts


after eleven long months...

my daughter has enough hair to look like a girl.

to put a bow on her head without the assistance of a headband.

to sport her first official "ponytail".

i love it.

i love her!

Friday, September 6, 2013

eleven months

this sweetheart is 11 months old today!

the little stinker got a sneak peek of her cake smash at her brother's birthday party over the weekend.....let's just say she loved it. ;)

but honestly, there are very few foods that she doesn't love!  she is such a fabulous eater and surprises me everyday with something new that she tries! 

she is so expressive; and loves to just babble and babble.  
she also likes to sing, especially the "blaire-bell" song which daddy made up for her.  she hum/sings along right on key.....so cute!

these big blue eyes just melt her daddy, and she has learned how to play shy.  

she is an expert crawler, and loves to pull up to things to stand.  she will walk around with the assistance of our hands, but prefers the speed of crawling.

she likes to play peek-a-boo, clap her hands, and has recently picked up on using the baby sign "all done".  i am not sure that she has any real clear words other than "uh-oh" (which she has been saying for a long time......), but she does say things that resemble "dada", "mama", "hendrix" and "kitty".  

just because i love comparisons, you can check out my post about hendrix when he was eleven months old here.  i can't believe how much more hair he had than she does!

she is so much fun!  and this year has just flown by.....i can't believe it is already time to plan your birthday party, big girl!

we love you!  ;)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

wordless wednesday {first day of preschool}

sent him off on his first day.  

he had a blast.

thankfully, he is a chatty fellow, and filled me in on every last detail on the van ride home.

i just love him.

this is going to be a fun school year!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

three. years. old.

tomorrow is my baby boy's birthday. 

he turns three

does this mean that i need to stop referring to him as my baby boy?

we had a really fun birthday party for him over the weekend, and i actually took my camera this time, so there will be plenty of photos to follow of the fun...

for now, i just wanted to leave a little progression post.

this is hendrix with his favorite gal pal flora over the years in our annual birthday party pose.  won't be long before these kids will be too big for us to be holding in the shot!

happy birthday dear boy.  

you mean the world to me.