Thursday, April 16, 2015

dirt and snot

park season is here, and we have been making the rounds.  i took the kiddos to moore memorial the other day to check it out as a photo location and got lots of photos of snotty noses and dirty toes.  this is what our life looks like, so i guess i might as well embrace it, right?!?

miss independant two year old over here wants to do her own thing all. the. time.

until she decides she MUST push her brother on the swing....which was a dangerous little endeavor ;/

but the sheer joy in the sunshine?!  that part is unbeatable!

and his sweet spirit picking me weeds, er, uh, flowers?!  love it!

and even if the only way i can get photos of them is to have them race each other.....

start a tickle war......

or let them wrestle?!?!

i'll take what i can get! ;)  

love these two little munchkins!