Friday, May 21, 2010

The Nesting Phase

So we got our house last weekend and since then have been spending most waking minutes working on fixing it up!  

We don't have to move our stuff into it until next month, so we are taking advantage of the opportunity to paint and replace carpeting without having to work around our furniture.  It does mean that we are living in a form of chaos however, as we are constantly trying to decide what we need at the house and going back and forth between it and our apartment.

We have really loved making color choices and getting all covered in paint!  :)  I never knew that Lowe's was going to be my new favorite place to shop!

This is what we had to work with for the nursery:

It is a fairly small room, but very bright because of the big windows.  I think it will be perfect once we take the sailboat trim off and put some new colors on the walls.  I will keep you posted with how it turns out!

I can't wait to fill it up with Hendrix's new stuff, including this bargain "lightly used" crib I bought at a garage sale a couple weeks ago.  

While we have been busy working on our house, the time has continued to chug along.  We are now 20 weeks, which is halfway there!  This week baby Hendrix has really started to making his presence known.  He moves and kicks all the time, especially early in the morning if I am laying on my back.  Guess he is not comfy that way!  I loves these kicks because it reassures me that he is a healthy little guy!  Sometimes the movements are so strong that I can actually SEE them through my shirt.    Here is my bump pic of the week:

This week developmentally:

  • Hendrix is producing vernix, a white, creamy substance that protects his skin in his watery environment.
  • Permanent teeth are starting to form behind his baby teeth.
  • He is able to differentiate between morning, afternoon and evening; and is already starting to form somewhat of a schedule.
  • His eyelashes and eyebrows are now visible.
  • His taste buds are formed and actually able to absorb some flavors of the foods I am eating from the amniotic fluid.
  • His limbs and head are now fully proportional to the rest of his body and he is roughly the size of a cantaloupe (around 10 inches in length).

Overall, it has been a fun and full week so far!  We are going to watch my little brother graduate from high school this weekend, so that will be a fun celebration!  I'll keep you posted about our projects for next week. ;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Almost halfway

So Hendrix has a growing wardrobe.  I can't get over how CUTE baby clothes are, so I am going to post a few pictures of some of my favorite outfits so far.

These were purchased at garage sales, and all for great bargains!


Okay, and this was my first Mother's Day present from my Mother-in-law. 

Just a few more to leave you with:

Our son will be better dressed than me!  LOL

In other news, tomorrow we will be starting our 19th week.  I am doing the update a little early this week because we close on our house tomorrow afternoon and I imagine the rest of our weekend will be full with cleaning, organizing, packing, choosing paint and carpet samples, weeding the yard, etc.  Pictures of our new house (including some before and after shots) will definitely follow.

It looks like Hendrix's biggest development this week is that his brain is developing millions of motor neurons.  These neurons are helping the muscles in his brain to communicate in order to make purposeful and involuntary movements. 

I am still feeling great and am sooooo excited to start tackling Hendrix's nursery in our new house!  Happy weekend!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


This weekend has been a very big weekend for the Baumgartner family. 

We found out in our ultrasound on Friday afternoon that we are having a little BOY!  Actually, he is not really all that just 18 weeks he should probably be a little over 6 ounces in weight, but he actually weighs 10 ounces!

The ultrasound technician was able to capture lots of movement, including smiling, sucking and lots of kicking.  His little legs look long, and he's got knobby knees like his daddy. :)  

Most thought that his smile looks more like an O'Polka smile than a Baumgartner smile.  The 3d images make it easy to see features of our little man, Hendrix James.

The other big event this weekend was the culmination of Bud's graduate degree in architecture.  We celebrated with family and friends before watching him walk in his cap and gown at Stephens Auditorium.

Well, that's all for now!  Pictures of our little man's growing wardrobe will follow. :)

Happy Weekend!