Friday, October 28, 2011

baby legs?

so these baby legs are basically legwarmers for infants and toddlers.  i personally think they are a.dorable.  i had my eye on them back when i was a prego and have been unable to let go of my fascination with them.

i did put it on hold a little bit when i found out that my sweet baby was going to be a boy, because well, most of the really cute ones are pink and flowery and girly.  

but these ones came from fuzzibunz last week as a bonus product with some replacement diapers that we received. (we had a couple diapers that got worn out - the inner waterproof layer was starting to rip - so they replaced the two diapers free of charge, and also added this pair of babylegs as an apology.  great customer service).

i happen to think they are super cute.  
i love them. 
 i think hendrix loves them.


my hubby does not.  
he thinks they are girly.

what do you think?  

are babylegs okay for boys or not so much?

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Monday, October 24, 2011

no tricks, just treats

on friday night, we took hendrix to the living history farms for their family halloween event.  it takes place in the evenings on the two weekends before halloween, and a couple friends told me that it was fun, so we decided to try it out. :)

he fell asleep on the way to des moines, so he was a little groggy at the beginning; but watching other little kids run around always perks this little fella up!  he wasn't real interested in "trick-or-treating" as he kept acting really shy when we got up to the people handing out candy.

but he really enjoyed seeing the sheep, and imitated them with some "baa-baa's".

he did gobble up the cheetos that were in his goodie bag, making everything orange, of course!  

this was his face when he saw the horses ;)

we went for a horse-drawn hay rack ride which was really nice. hendrix was fascinated with the horses, which  distracted him enough to stay seated for the whole ride! (unbelievable!)

then of course, he didn't want to leave the horses.....

there were lots of cute places to sit for photos, but hendrix doesn't always like to participate in these things anymore.  i didn't bring my "good" camera so that i could focus on just having fun with my family, though these  snapshots don't capture the fun in quite the same way....

lastly, we roasted marshmallows, and hendrix loved watching the fire and telling us it was hot.  he wasn't a huge fan of eating the marshmallows though, which was funny.  

there was a storytelling segment happening in the barn which looked like fun, but our man was ready to head home for bed by then, so we skipped out on that.

overall, it was a great holiday fun activity, and i would highly recommend it to other families!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wordless wednesday {gal pals}

you might remember that when hendrix was born, there was a big baby boom of girls among my friends.

It is so fun to watch them grow together.  It gives me a chance to admire pink from afar. ;)

notice that poor skinned nose?  little babe tripped on the driveway. 

maybe he should play it up and be a teddy bear for Halloween?

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

my little imitator

don't my boys look like two peas in a pod?

this is some serious enthrallment in 'signing time'.  
I think that is the only show that has been on our tv in the last 5 months (minus the occosional date-night movie rental,  and i am not kidding).

oh and this morning while we were trying to get out the door at the ungodly hour of 6:15 am - i was packing hendrix a sippy cup of milk and some fishy crackers for the sitter's house, and my sweet hubs was packing me some coffee-to-go so i could actually keep my eyes open at work, when we heard the signing time movie turn on in the living room.

all by itself.

or, should i say, with the help of my 13-month-old. 

we come into the room to find this little dude sitting in his red rocker, watching his show, holding the remote.

oh dear.

we have an opinionated, independent, messy, hungry-all-the-time little mr. on our hands.

oh and by the way, he is really close to figuring out how to get the screen door open too.

what next?!?

Monday, October 17, 2011

junk lover

"one man's junk is another man's treasure" 
unknown author

I confess.  
I have a thing for 'junk'.  
I have always been fond of bargains and garage sales or second hand stores;  but now I have taking a liking to shopping at shed sales, coop sales, and barn open houses. 

I can only thank my dear friend Sarah for getting me hooked on 'junking'! 

I found some awesome stuff at Sweet Annie's a couple weeks ago and I have been thrilled to use them in some photos.  There is something about the oldness of the props that gives the look I really love when I take pictures.  

Those suitcases that Hendrix is sitting them!  So does he.  He thought climbing on top them was tons of fun, but I also think he could carry them around, or sit inside them.....

endless possibilities

How about this feed grain tub that is just the perfect size for a lil' one to sit in?  

I love the fun color and ornate frame on this mirror.  
It was perfect for a photo shoot I had with a friend's little girl!

Or how about the age on this red wagon?  This picture tells a story.  
Love. Family. Childhood.

And last but not least, we had been looking for a bench to put in our entryway and nothing was really meeting our expectations, until we saw these old theater chairs at Dakota Junktion
They are old and the wood is a perfect match for our old home.  
We love them.  

I love the hunt.  
And I love how awesome it feels to repurpose something.  
It makes me feel really creative and thrifty.  

Are there any other junk lovers out there?!?

Friday, October 14, 2011


here hendrix is talking to his horse.  

we haven't named his horse yet, though it has become a very favorite item in our house.  it was a handcrafted birthday present from his nana and papa, and while he liked it as soon as he got it, he has taken an extra special interest in it this last week.

he has discovered that it can be something he explores and enjoys on his own.  while i worry that he might pinch his toes, he doesn't seem to worry at all. :)

daddy has tried to show him the ropes.

once he gets on, he likes to bounce up and down, and has also tried an attempt at "neigh", though for whatever reason the way he imitates us making that sound requires him to shake his head while he does it.  must just be for emphasis!

daddy sings while he rocks him.

those boys have so much fun!

hendrix does have a pair of cowboy boots, and a couple of great plaid shirts......i wonder if that is what he should dress as for halloween?  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

leaves are for crunching

Hendrix has recently learned that fall leaves are very fun to play with!  He likes to stomp around in the driveway on them just to hear them 'crunch'. 

He has also found great joy in tossing them around, and jumping into piles of them.

It has been so gorgeous - with temperatures getting into the 80's in the afternoons.

This kind of joy and wonder is just plain contagious!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

family reunion at stillwaters

here hendrix is trying out the fun toys in the rec room at our family reunion.  We stayed in a cabin in Oskaloosa that was very warm and inviting and well stocked for children.  

he especially loved playing with the older wooden toys, and mommy couldn't help but take advantage of the gorgeous scenery inside and out for an impromptu photoshoot.  

my youngest silblings, the twins, and my folks were the only ones sharing this big cabin with us for the night, so hendrix had plenty of room to spread out without invading other peoples' spaces.  

he loved running laps in the main room.  

he also enjoyed figuring out how to duck and "walk" underneath the tables without bopping his head. 

in the morning we built a fire to take the edge off the chill and hendrix enjoyed walking up to it and telling us it was 'hot'.  he did a great job of never getting too close to make mommy nervous.  i love the look, feel and sound of a wood fire!

there was time for lots of games.  settlers happens to be a family favorite right now.  remind us to never let josiah be the 'banker' again however.  

we woke up to a gorgeous morning and hendrix was itching to get outside and run around.

he loved the water...

but i think he actually might have loved the sand even more. 

daddy joined us to take hendrix on a little hike around the pond.

and then the rest of our family started arriving for the reunion, so my camera had to take a rest.  

it was a gorgeous location coupled with fantastic weather and awesome company so we had a perfect time. :)