Tuesday, October 18, 2011

my little imitator

don't my boys look like two peas in a pod?

this is some serious enthrallment in 'signing time'.  
I think that is the only show that has been on our tv in the last 5 months (minus the occosional date-night movie rental,  and i am not kidding).

oh and this morning while we were trying to get out the door at the ungodly hour of 6:15 am - i was packing hendrix a sippy cup of milk and some fishy crackers for the sitter's house, and my sweet hubs was packing me some coffee-to-go so i could actually keep my eyes open at work, when we heard the signing time movie turn on in the living room.

all by itself.

or, should i say, with the help of my 13-month-old. 

we come into the room to find this little dude sitting in his red rocker, watching his show, holding the remote.

oh dear.

we have an opinionated, independent, messy, hungry-all-the-time little mr. on our hands.

oh and by the way, he is really close to figuring out how to get the screen door open too.

what next?!?

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  1. Trust me...everyday will be a barrel of surprises! Raising children is a FUN adventure :)


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