Monday, October 3, 2011

fun with nana and papa

this weekend we had a family reunion with my mom's side of the family and we spent the afternoon and night hanging out with my family.  i love watching hendrix spend time with his nana and papa as he really enjoys them, AND they really enjoy him!  ;)

before we went to the reunion we watched a central soccer game and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.  hendrix loved running around playing ball and chasing after the puppies.

my grandparents are pretty spread out location-wise.  i have some in new york, some in washington, and then some in oskaloosa (which is only about 45 minutes from where I grew up).  because of the distance, we didn't get to spend all that much time with them when we were growing up.  

i am really thankful that my son gets to have a different experience with his grandparents.

he gets to see his other grandparents this weekend for a birthday celebration.  what a lucky kiddo!

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