Friday, September 30, 2011

boys will be boys

Hendrix is always dirty.  

Sometimes I wonder why we bother with baths, because he never stays clean and fresh smelling for very long.

He loves playing with rocks.  He loves being outside.  

He loves throwing the rocks.  He also still loves to eat the rocks. (really? I thought you were over that, little man.)

He watches Gabe and really likes to take his lead.  Whatever Gabe does is apparently super cool.  

Gabe tosses rocks?  me too.  
Gabe walks down the path and wants to take my hand?  ok.  
Mom wants to hold my hand? no way.  

I see where I stand.

I think that Gabe is really enjoying Hendrix now too.  
He can teach him things.  
He has a little follower. 

Who doesn't like that kind of attention?

One of their newest favorite things to do together is wrestle.  Actually I think it is a form of tackle football, but all I know is that they both end up on the ground, rolling around, with lots of giggling and laughing. 
On the carpet inside?  sure.  
But on the cement outside?  not so sure it is a great idea.

They are good pals though, and I am so glad that Hendrix is getting to have an older boy mentor to hang with.  I think they both get a lot out of their interactions with each other. ;)

Following Gabe's lead on other favorite toys, Hendrix really likes balls of any kind and recently picked up tossing around a baseball.

They also share a common passion for cars.  Gabe has lots of trucks and trains that he shares with Hendrix, and Hendrix has just picked up making 'vrooming' noises while playing with them.

He got this car play set for his birthday and recently figured out how to send the cars down it all by himself.  He loves it!

He also prefers not wearing clothes.  He has always been pretty happy when he doesn't have pants or even a shirt on, but recently he has even started trying to pull his diaper off.  He wants to be naked.  Is that a boy thing?

oh my sweet little boy.

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