Thursday, September 15, 2011

fall is here

this morning when we left the house it was only 34 degrees outside.  
that is chilly. 
that requires layers.  

unfortunately hendrix is not a big fan of the 'hat' layer. 

he took great pride in being able to rip the hat off his head.

he couldn't do that last fall.

how am i supposed to keep him warm?

while we were waiting outside for daddy to get home from work tonight, he found this itty bitty pile of dried leaves that crunched when he stepped on them.  he walked on them back and forth and back and forth, fascinated with the sound it made...... and then he found a stick to play with!  lol

i am really looking forward to seeing this change of seasons through hendrix's eyes.  i have always loved this time of year and now i have a new reason to appreciate it even more.

now i just need to find some time to get out my box of fall clothes.  those tank tops and shorts in my drawers are just not cutting it.   

i'm glad that i made time to sort through hendrix's fall stuff over the weekend.  i love all the little sweaters lined up in his closet.  i can't get over how grown up he looks in the little zippy pullovers.  

so much attitude.

hello fall!

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  1. awwww... what a sweet, beautiful boy!

    Good luck keeping that hat on! My almost 5 yr old son STILL won't wear his ;)


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