Wednesday, September 21, 2011

school of hard knocks

hendrix has had his share of bumps and bruises, but now he has had his first real scrape.  the kind that draws blood and gets puffy and swollen (i think they are called strawberries) and it is right on his face.  

the culprit was the concrete front staircase.

hendrix has gotten really good at stairs, he can crawl up them so well that i don't really worry about him too much anymore.  but now he is trying to get all fancy, and thinks that he should hold onto the railing and walk up them.  i get it.  he is watching us and trying to imitate us, but that is not nearly as safe.   

as you can see from his forehead.  

oh but it makes him so proud of himself to try and be a big boy.  

i finally understand now why there would be some moms out there who feel the only way to keep their child safe is to completely wrap them in bubble wrap. i get it.  

i think my son would find a way to still get hurt.  

he pinches his fingers in cupboards and doors....

he runs too fast that he trips and falls....

he bonks his head on everything.  i don't know if he has had a hard time adjusting to being twice his original height (going from crawling to walking) because he is always trying to walk underneath things (like the dining room table) and finding that he is too tall.  he also cuts the corners in the doorway too close and rams into the doorframe. 

his newest adventure, which has been mostly successful, is coming back down the stairs.  he refuses to turn onto his tummy and crawl back down; instead he sits down (while forward facing) and scootches down them one stair at a time on his bottom.  

it looks kind of scary, but it really does seem to work okay.  

i bought this shirt for him several months back (before he was walking) and i chuckled all day about it while he wore it yesterday.  

i had NO IDEA how many stunts he would do, or how many near-heart-attacks i would have on a daily basis.  i want my child to have a healthy dose of adventure and exploration, and i don't want to smother him, but it is hard to watch him fall down again and again.

and i still have the 'bandaid-fixes-everything' stage to look forward to. 

oh joy!

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  1. Jenn - I thought I would drop by to say hi and let you know how much I enjoy your pics of Hendrix! He's adorable and your photography is REALLY good! I love it! I love photography but I have a pretty terrible camera right now that eats batteries after 2 pics. Sigh. But thought I'd let you know I'm reading via reader and I'm loving your posts! :0)


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