Monday, September 26, 2011

the iGeneration

my son loves gadgets just like his daddy.  his new favorite is our iPod.  He gets really possessive of it and wants to run around our upstairs holding it and dancing to the music.  

he looks at the screen and pushes the touchscreen on it with his little finger just like he watches us do.  if for some reason he manages to pause the music (this happens alot) he wants us to fix it, but give it right back. 

he seems to have such an interest in music - between listening to it, dancing to it, trying to play it (on the piano, drumming on anything and everything, and now clapping).  do we have a future musician on our hands?

give him just another few years and he is going to be teaching me how to use my own technologies. 

how early is too early to start limiting 'screen time'?  lol

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  1. Not to be obvious, but with a name like Hendrix James, music is his destiny. :-)


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