Tuesday, September 13, 2011

say cheese

I have been taking more and more pictures of other people these days (engagement, children and families) and while I am loving that, I would have to say that Hendrix is still my favorite person to photograph.  
I think that is okay.  

He doesn't really seem to mind either.

My fall work schedule has quite a few changes which include having Monday and Friday mornings off work.  I have really enjoyed spending that extra one-on-one time with my little guy, especially since I take him to the baby-sitter on Tuesday and Thursday mornings now.  

This seems like a fair trade-off.

This past Monday was super gorgeous weather for this time of year, and I decided to take the opportunity to test out the morning lighting for a location where I will be shooting some family photos this weekend.  Hendrix was a big fan of the water (surprise, surprise)....

and I am actually kind of ashamed to say that I didn't even see this coming.  

I mean, sure, he kicked his little leg out over the railing which seemed really cute and adventurous, and sure, he was wearing slip-on shoes that don't stay on all that well....

but I was still surprised when he lost it. 

So was he.  

I love him looking down at it like "what just happened, mom?"

Don't worry, I saved the day (which did require me to buckle him into his stroller so I didn't have to worry about him diving headfirst into the lake while I precariously climbed over the railing across loose and wobbly rocks and sand, with cobwebs hanging in my face, to snag his little croc).  

There was an older couple sitting on the lawn watching the whole ordeal and smiling away.  I thought about asking them to watch him while I snagged the shoe, but I honestly wasn't sure they could contain him.  

Sometimes I can't. 

It was fun to watch him explore.

He fell down a couple of times, but always climbed right back up.

I love that determination.

that energy.

that enthusiasm for life.

If only I could get just a little bit better at keeping up with him.....

Sweet Shot Day  

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  1. great shots, Jenn. He's absolutely adorable. And now you're his hero for saving his shoe :)


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