Wednesday, September 17, 2014


a couple weeks ago, i took some maternity photos of my gorgeous prego sis-in-law, hannah.   the whole family came and we enjoyed some cousin playtime throughout the evening.  

the park we went to has this brand spankin' new playground and i thought the kiddos would have some fun playing with the dads while i finished up some baby belly shots in the gorgeous setting sun.....

this is what we returned to find.  why on earth would the kids try out the new playground when there is an equally exciting pile of dirt to climb on!?!

this little peanut is so spunky and adorable!  she has made becoming an aunt such a true joy, and i can't wait to watch her grow into a big sister here in just a few shorts weeks (or days?!?!)  

and this little spitball is full of energy and will simply talk your ear off.  her newest favorite phrase is '(re)member that time when......' and we have to reminisce about every detail of our lives (i.e. ....i took a bath?  we went to the library?  we ate supper?  we played in the sandbox? etc...)  i love watching her figure out the world around her, and try to find her place in it as a little sister with big britches of her own ;)

the girl cousin relationship is my favorite.  it is so cool to see these girls growing up together, and i love that technology helps us stay more connected than we otherwise would be (snapchat, facebook, and blogs are so awesome!)

and the biggest cousin of them all.  our big 4 year old. what?!?!  i have no idea how he grew up so fast, but i love the little fella he has become.  he is imaginative, creative and ambitious.......sometimes i look into his little person and see more of myself reflected than should ever be allowed, and that has proved interesting in parenting, but on the whole this parenting gig has been the best thing that happened to me.  i am incredibly blessed to have these dirty little people in my life. ;)