Monday, October 17, 2011

junk lover

"one man's junk is another man's treasure" 
unknown author

I confess.  
I have a thing for 'junk'.  
I have always been fond of bargains and garage sales or second hand stores;  but now I have taking a liking to shopping at shed sales, coop sales, and barn open houses. 

I can only thank my dear friend Sarah for getting me hooked on 'junking'! 

I found some awesome stuff at Sweet Annie's a couple weeks ago and I have been thrilled to use them in some photos.  There is something about the oldness of the props that gives the look I really love when I take pictures.  

Those suitcases that Hendrix is sitting them!  So does he.  He thought climbing on top them was tons of fun, but I also think he could carry them around, or sit inside them.....

endless possibilities

How about this feed grain tub that is just the perfect size for a lil' one to sit in?  

I love the fun color and ornate frame on this mirror.  
It was perfect for a photo shoot I had with a friend's little girl!

Or how about the age on this red wagon?  This picture tells a story.  
Love. Family. Childhood.

And last but not least, we had been looking for a bench to put in our entryway and nothing was really meeting our expectations, until we saw these old theater chairs at Dakota Junktion
They are old and the wood is a perfect match for our old home.  
We love them.  

I love the hunt.  
And I love how awesome it feels to repurpose something.  
It makes me feel really creative and thrifty.  

Are there any other junk lovers out there?!?

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  1. total junk lover here.
    gorgeous photos, jenn!


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