Friday, October 14, 2011


here hendrix is talking to his horse.  

we haven't named his horse yet, though it has become a very favorite item in our house.  it was a handcrafted birthday present from his nana and papa, and while he liked it as soon as he got it, he has taken an extra special interest in it this last week.

he has discovered that it can be something he explores and enjoys on his own.  while i worry that he might pinch his toes, he doesn't seem to worry at all. :)

daddy has tried to show him the ropes.

once he gets on, he likes to bounce up and down, and has also tried an attempt at "neigh", though for whatever reason the way he imitates us making that sound requires him to shake his head while he does it.  must just be for emphasis!

daddy sings while he rocks him.

those boys have so much fun!

hendrix does have a pair of cowboy boots, and a couple of great plaid shirts......i wonder if that is what he should dress as for halloween?  

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