Thursday, October 6, 2011

family reunion at stillwaters

here hendrix is trying out the fun toys in the rec room at our family reunion.  We stayed in a cabin in Oskaloosa that was very warm and inviting and well stocked for children.  

he especially loved playing with the older wooden toys, and mommy couldn't help but take advantage of the gorgeous scenery inside and out for an impromptu photoshoot.  

my youngest silblings, the twins, and my folks were the only ones sharing this big cabin with us for the night, so hendrix had plenty of room to spread out without invading other peoples' spaces.  

he loved running laps in the main room.  

he also enjoyed figuring out how to duck and "walk" underneath the tables without bopping his head. 

in the morning we built a fire to take the edge off the chill and hendrix enjoyed walking up to it and telling us it was 'hot'.  he did a great job of never getting too close to make mommy nervous.  i love the look, feel and sound of a wood fire!

there was time for lots of games.  settlers happens to be a family favorite right now.  remind us to never let josiah be the 'banker' again however.  

we woke up to a gorgeous morning and hendrix was itching to get outside and run around.

he loved the water...

but i think he actually might have loved the sand even more. 

daddy joined us to take hendrix on a little hike around the pond.

and then the rest of our family started arriving for the reunion, so my camera had to take a rest.  

it was a gorgeous location coupled with fantastic weather and awesome company so we had a perfect time. :)

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