Friday, October 28, 2011

baby legs?

so these baby legs are basically legwarmers for infants and toddlers.  i personally think they are a.dorable.  i had my eye on them back when i was a prego and have been unable to let go of my fascination with them.

i did put it on hold a little bit when i found out that my sweet baby was going to be a boy, because well, most of the really cute ones are pink and flowery and girly.  

but these ones came from fuzzibunz last week as a bonus product with some replacement diapers that we received. (we had a couple diapers that got worn out - the inner waterproof layer was starting to rip - so they replaced the two diapers free of charge, and also added this pair of babylegs as an apology.  great customer service).

i happen to think they are super cute.  
i love them. 
 i think hendrix loves them.


my hubby does not.  
he thinks they are girly.

what do you think?  

are babylegs okay for boys or not so much?

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  1. I think they are CA-UTE!!! It would be really easy to watch thrift stores for older kids shirts and sweaters that would make great leg warmers - you gave me ideas!! :0) btw - LOVE your new blog background!


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