Tuesday, November 1, 2011


mr. hendrix was a cowboy for halloween this year.  i think he really liked his costume - minus the whole hat thing. lol

you might remember that he dressed as a bumblebee last year, which i thought was pretty cute, but i got tired of everyone mistaking him for a little girl.  
so this year i picked a more masculine costume. 

oddly enough, he already had the cowboy boots so it was an easy costume to piece together.

he got the hang of carrying the bucket, and he liked walking around with the other kids, but he didn't really get the whole 'candy' part of it.  

the first couple houses that we went up to had dogs, and hendrix really loved looking at, petting (if possible) and hollering at the doggies.  
then at the first house we walked up to that didn't have a dog, he was looking all around and saying 'dog, dog, dog'.  this continued house after house after house.  

he apparently thinks halloween is a big dog-hop party.  

we went trick-or-treating with some other kids we know which made it alot more social and fun.  hendrix really loves being with other kids, especially bigger kids, so he thought that was a blast.

you can see the adoration in his face as he watches the other kids play.  :)

we actually went trick-or-treating twice as one evening last week the greek houses on campus put on a little beggars night that we attended, and then we went out in the neighborhoods last night. 

hendrix doesn't have much candy left in his bucket, because mommy and daddy keep munching on it.....but we have discovered that he loves m&m's.  

he must get his sweet tooth from his momma!

whew, what a fun evening.

happy halloween! 

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