Wednesday, November 16, 2011

saying goodbye to fall

so we have two monstrous trees in our yard.  both are probably at least 100 years old.  an ash in the front, and a maple in the backyard.  do you have any idea how many leaves these two trees produce?!?

hendrix really got into playing in the leaves this year. he ran around the yard, jumping in piles, and just trying to mess up the work we were doing of raking!  

he loved the sounds of them, and loved throwing them. 

i am not sure how he felt about being buried in them though!

this picture reminded me of how we propped him up on the huge pile of leaves last year, and i thought it would fun to repost those pictures for comparison....

how can one kiddo change so much in just 12 months?!?!

now if only he is going to be as good of a helper when it comes to shoveling snow......

by the way - i did get a super cute vintage snow shovel for him when i went junking with my girlfriends last weekend.  i can't wait to use that and a vintage wooden sled i picked up in some fun snow photos. 

this fall was amazing, but i am really looking forward to teaching this lil' fella about playing in the snow! ;)

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  1. SO cute!!! I love the pic right under the video!!! It's a perfect fall pic. And oh my gosh- with all those leaves!


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