Monday, November 14, 2011

fun fall afternoon

a little over a week ago I hosted a discovery toys party which was tons of fun!  i thought it was a great excuse to gather up my friends and family to play with toys and do some early christmas shopping.  i had a great turnout and hendrix is going to be getting quite a few really awesome toys for christmas!

my mom, sisters, brother, and his girlfriend katie, all came for the party and stayed the night to enjoy some fun time with us (well, mostly hendrix, i think).

the weather was awesome so we enjoyed a walk to the park,

and some fun in the leaves!

i am so glad that our families live so close to us and can be so involved in our everyday lives.  hendrix is a lucky man!

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  1. It was a fabulous fall day! Love all the fun times the family can spend together!!!


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