Sunday, November 20, 2011

party with style

yesterday we went to a birthday party for my brother.  

we tried to have a 'bags' tournament only to get rained out, but not before we had gained a new participant. 

after a few minutes of watching how it was done, hendrix decided to step in and join us. 

it didn't take long for him to get the hang of what he was supposed to be doing.....

and his vocabulary is really exploding. 

he has gone from just repeating the one-word sentences that we were trying to teach him, to offering the words of everything he knows every time he sees it.   

oh and also trying to communicate his ever-intensifying opinions.   he really has mastered the word "no" and loves to use it if he doesn't think we are understanding him correctly.

he also really loves to color and draw, and was super thrilled that mommy let him write his own name on his aunty em's birthday card.  

she was thrilled too ;)

it was so fun to see my family and to hang out at my brother's place, but i am discovering that everything is just a little bit more difficult when you are taking a toddler along for the ride.  he did pretty well, but he was sure ready to get home after this weekend.

oh, but he had a great time being the center of everyone's attention!

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