Saturday, November 12, 2011

introducing 'red wagon design'

okay, so i have been really terrible about blogging consistently lately.

i am here now to make excuses explain why.  

well i finally made the huge leap and started my own photography business.  


for real.  

i am now the business owner of red wagon design

the past couple weeks have been so much fun!  i have been really blessed to be able to fill my schedule up and do what i love to do!  
we had an absolutely gorgeous fall here which made for some awesome family photo sessions (you can check on some of my recent work on facebookand now i am looking ahead to some fun winter snow pictures with some really fun people!

please be patient with me as i try to wear my many hats, and make sure that i still take time to shoot my absolutely favorite subject of all time, hendrix. ;)

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  1. Hendrix is my favorite subject too :) Keep all the wonderful life shots of him coming...he is changing so fast...look at that mouthful of teeth. So happy for your new endeavor...


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