Tuesday, November 29, 2011

hendrixisms - 15 months

I have been compiling a lil' list of things that our little man does that just plain crack us up.  I want to have them documented somewhere so we can look back someday and chuckle!
*when he falls down we try to downplay his injuries by telling him to 'just rub it'....and he has got this down so well from head bumps, that even if he stubs his toe, he rubs his head. So cute. also recently when he gets hurt and i tell him to rub it, he comes over to me and rubs my head. thanks fella

*he likes to walk around with a toy camera plastered to his face saying "cheese, cheese, cheese"

*he loves movies. He can see a dvd case across the room and shout 'moo-ee'.  he also thinks that cd's are 'moo-ees'. guess in this iPod world he may never know what a cd is

*he loves to use the word 'stuck' so much that i think he tries to squeeze into spaces that are too small just so he can shout for mama to rescue him

*he understands that the computer can be used to watch moo-ees (youtube videos) and thinks he should be able to do this whenever he wants

*he loves the pull-chain to turn our lamp on and off. He can do that for 15 minutes straight.  he is moving on to lightswitches too, but that requires a boost from mom or dad

*he loves to color but mostly he just practices writing his name saying 'ah-eh-ah-eh' while he scribbles

*he loves to tackle and roughhouse and if you are laying on the ground than you must be inviting him to do so.

*he loves his blankie and sleeping. you can tell he is ready for bed when he starts burying his face in his blankie and laying on the ground. when asked if he is ready for nite-nite he usually responds with giggles and repeats 'nite-nite'. crazy boy is a sleep-lover just like his mama

*he is obsessed about having a fork and/or spoon at mealtime. he doesnt really use them correctly yet, but he sure wants to be like us

*he still wont drink white milk

*after all that baby-sign language watching, he still only uses the signs for 'more' and 'all done' religiously

*he climbs on everything which often includes turning something into a makeshift stool....can't really blame him as he sees his mom do this all the time.  :) it is tough to be short!

*his attention span is about 3.5 seconds long. good luck!

*just because one time i filled a tupperware container full of cookies, he thinks that clear container with a red lid always has cookies in it

*he has an obsession with his paci.  If it is missing he walks around with outstretched arms (though he oddly tucks them back behind his back) whimpering 'wheeeeere'

*if we leave the gate at the bottom of the stairs open he will most likey notice and make a dash for it, then he will shut it so we can't follow him. lol

*the bathtub is his secret hiding place for everything

*he thinks that his 'elmo' ornament should be taken off the tree every time he walks by it.  

*he loves riding his little trike, and calls it his 'bike'

*for as big of a fit as he would throw about wearing a stocking cap, it surprises me that he loves wearing mittens

*his vocabulary is exploding and he is learning a few new words every single day....i can hardly keep up with everything he is learning

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