Wednesday, November 23, 2011

giving thanks

these two boys are by far my largest blessings.  

i am so thankful for them.

we had a lot of fun having an impromptu family photo shoot to give us some pictures for our christmas card this year.  without unveiling the ones that we chose to have on the card, i thought it would be fun to share some of the other ones with you.  

we took turns with the camera so both of us could be in some of the pictures, and we did use the tripod and timer for some shots......though getting hendrix to look at the camera when there is no one standing behind it is nearly impossible...

in this particular shot, i think he heard a train and needed to turn and try to find it.  ;)  lol

normally at this time on the night before thanksgiving, we would be either travelling to be with family for the holidays, or at the very least getting all packed up and ready to go somewhere bright and early tomorrow.....

but not this year.

this year we are having thanksgiving dinner at our house!

i am very much looking forward to hosting the meal for my in-laws, and i have been doing my research on how to provide the most delicious, stress-less meal possible

the goal is to have fun with our family, and enjoy this little kiddo!  i heard today that the forecast is calling for upper 60's and sunshine tomorrow, so i am planning to fit in a trip to park. ;)

last year at this time, i was in misery recovering from my gallbladder removal, and i didn't get to enjoy turkey and all the fixings with everyone else as i was on a pretty bland clear liquids diet.  

that makes me extra thankful this year.

my menu includes:

turkey (of course)
stuffing with golden raisins and walnuts
mashed potatoes and gravy
corn casserole
scalloped chipotle sweet potatoes
orange-scented green beans

pecan pie
gooey pumpkin buttercakes

my kitchen is smelling wonderful and my mouth is watering already......

happy thanksgiving from my family to yours!

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  1. Your Thanksgiving menu looks FABULOUS! Just might have to drive to Ames tomorrow :) And I LOVE the new pictures...want to get right out to print some. Oh...guess I will have to wait until Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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