Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Treats

This little guy is all treat and no tricks!  
It was so fun to celebrate his first Halloween!

He made an awfully cute bumblebee!

Bud and his Dad met up with us for a few minutes to check out Hendrix's buggy duds before I headed out to trick-or-treat with my some of my friends and their kids at the sorority and frat houses in our town.  This was on a separate night from our town's beggars night.

There were some very cute kids in our group and we got lots of candy!

When we got home, Hendrix told Daddy all about it!

Hendrix was happy to have another day of Halloween celebrations...

 ...and he gladly passed out candy and toothbrushes to the trick-or-treaters that came to our door. 


We took turns taking him out in the neighborhood until he got tired of wearing his costume...

...and then he was just a cute little pumpkin with Momma!

My little brother Jake, and his girlfriend Katie came to visit us a little bit later.  Aren't they cute in their costumes?!?  They went with us to the Haunted Forest (which was pretty creepy, but holy cow - we waited in line for like 2 hours!)...

...my folks stayed back with Hendrix, which I think is exactly where they wanted to be!  :)

We had pretty nice weather, and overall Halloween was a great success!  Mommy and Daddy are still eating Hendrix's loot and contemplating what Hendrix should dress as next year.  


  1. I really like the picture of Hendrix "talking" to his daddy == what a sweet little boy!

  2. Hendrix looks so cute in all his Halloween garb! So fun dressing the babies up :) And I love that you handed out toothbrushes with your candy! I'm gonna have to remember that for next year :)


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