Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two Months Already

I imagine that every mother thinks the time flies way too quickly, but I genuinely can't believe that Hendrix is two months old.  At the same time I really can't remember life without him, so I imagine that seems just about right.

He went in on Thursday for his 2 month well baby visit.  

He weighed in at 11 pounds 14 ounces.

He measured 22.5 inches long.

Hendrix has gone from the 14th percentile in weight, to the 56th percentile in weight.  He has officially doubled his birth weight in just two months.  He is a very good eater and I guess he feels like he has some catching up to do.  I love seeing his healthy chub, and the doctor was very pleased with his growth.  We don't have to go back again until 4 months (the same time frame as term more preemie label for Hendrix!).

While at the doc, he also got three shots and one oral vaccine.

That was terrible not so bad I guess.

This sweet smiling face sure didn't last long after those pokes, and we didn't see it again until the following day. :(  

Hendrix actually screamed for a full hour straight after we were home with the most pained cry I have ever heard.  It really tugged at this Momma's heartstrings, and we definitely gave him that does of tylenol that the doctor said we could resort to if needed, but she would rather we not for the sake of diluting the vaccine.  Oh. Well. 

We both felt really badly for him and gave him all of our energy for special snuggles all evening.  Thankfully he woke up rested and in much better spirits in the morning.

Some of the two-month milestones include:
Smiling and cooing when being talked to, attempting to grasp objects with his hand, and increasing mobility and strength to be able to pull his head up and even push his body up with his arms while on his tummy.  

Check the following sequence where for whatever reason, Hendrix decided to lift his legs up instead.....

Hendrix started enjoying being in the swing this last week.

And he can now ride facing forward in the baby bjorn. 

It is funny though, because he still falls asleep in it!  Today we spent the better part of the afternoon raking leaves in our backyard (yes, we already did this once this fall, and, yes,  we will probably have to do it again.  We have a 100-year old tree in both the front yard AND the back yard!)

He enjoyed playing in the leaves ;)

We had a pretty good pile going....can you see the baby?!?!  LOL

After our outdoor fun, we had to get all showered and cleaned up.  I did indeed find little pieces of dried leaves in his nose!  He hung out in his robe like Daddy for a while before we got dressed for the day.

And then Hendrix decided to show off just exactly how big he is getting by rolling off the pillow he was propped on.  It really caught me off guard as I was just getting ready to take a movie of him laying there and smiling!  

And lastly in the busy life of my two-month-old; he hung out with his two-week-old girlfriend again yesterday, and we remembered to take a pic of the two of them together this time!

I am not sure that they were pleased with us, but I think they will love seeing this when they are in high school!  lol  NOT that I am hoping that day gets here anytime soon.....

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  1. I ALWAYS love your updates on Hendrix! Two months already! That means my little man is almost two months (9th) CRAZZZYYY! Your little man looks great! Love it!


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