Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

Hendrix tried out one of his holiday sweaters on Friday night when we went to our downtown holiday kickoff event.  It was a chilly night so he stayed bundled up in the stroller and missed the chance to get photographed with Santa.  I imagine there will be another chance.  :)  We sang Christmas carols, saw the lighting of the Christmas tree, and just enjoyed some downtown shopping and kids activities with some friends.  I love this time of year!  

Hendrix is really enjoying standing these days.  He pushes off when he is in my lap, and is getting really strong.  He is such a big boy!

Hendrix helped Daddy fold laundry this weekend ;)

He's not quite big enough to sit in his high chair by himself, so my hubby put his teddy bear in there with him to prop him up.  It was funny to watch him slump over onto his 'friend'. ;)

Hendrix got some time with his Nana and Aunt Hannah this weekend.  We participated in a Progressive Supper with some friends from our church, and we hosted the soup and salad course.  My mom and sister came to help with Hendrix so I would be able to focus on hosting, and so we could enjoy some couple time as we went to the other homes.  It was such a fun day, but we really needed some snuggles with Hendrix when we got back!

Our little guy just keeps growing and growing....

We are looking forward to some special family time over this Thanksgiving holiday!


  1. My little Christmas elf! He is getting so big and fun. Hendrix may love Grandma, but Grandma sure loves Hendrix!!!

  2. Oh gosh! Hes getting so big and more and more handsome each time I come to your blog! I just adore his holiday sweater! Where did you get it? Also the family photo is great! Glad all is well!


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