Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some Comparisons

This movie was taken yesterday of Hendrix.  I started noticing how large he was looking on his playmat and it made me want to compare him to what he was like the last time I took a movie of him playing on it.  

This is from when he was only 2 weeks old......I can't believe how much he is changing!

1.5 weeks
2.5 weeks
5.5 weeks

7.5 weeks

Same story with his carseat; we had to put all the straps on the smallest setting possible to bring him home from the hospital.....and now he doesn't need any headrests, and he needs to have the straps readjusted because his shoulders are up too high for the current setting.  

I am loving all his faces!

He is starting to actually respond with smiles and even a little cooing when we talk to him while he is playing.  I love it!  :)

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  1. Such a great entry. Love seeing how much babies change in such a short time. Also LOVE the new background!! Adorable.


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