Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tiger's Homecoming

Hendrix went to his first high school football game last night.

He loved the game (which means that he slept through the whole thing), and Mommy really loved the temperature (which stayed in the 60's the entire evening).  I wasn't sure that we would be taking him to any games this year, because I didn't want to drag my little preemie to the stadium in freezing weather.  This was a pleasant surprise!

Uncle Joel fed him his bottle, uncle Jake taught him the basics of the game, and Grandpa Karl just loved on him. :)

Hendrix was pooped from his big day of being photogenic.  He did a GREAT job at his photoshoot! 

After snoring the whole way to Grinnell, I wasn't sure what to expect from him for his photos.  I had been hoping, of course, that we would get at least a few shots of him with his eyes open; but I had realized that expecting cooperation of a new baby was probably a little unrealistic.  I had brought some cute hats and cloth diapers that I thought would make naked sleeping baby shots really cute.....

But then he surprised us and was wide awake the entire photo session! 

After we took most of the shots, we actually had to try really hard to get him to fall asleep so we could get a few of those precious "sleeping angel" pictures.  I couldn't believe how cooperative he was.   Our photographer says that we better be careful not to get unrealistic expectations for next time just because he did so great for us!  :)  Can't wait to show you what she captured.....oh, and don't worry he did pee all over one of his blankets in the middle of the shoot.  That made him kind of grumpy.......

Those are all pics that i took of him before we left home, just to help him get the hang of hamming it up for the camera!  I just can't get over how cute I think he is ;)

Then after all that fun, we actually had our first rough night last night.  Hendrix seems to have picked up some sort of head cold that left his nose running and his sinuses all congested.  He had a hard time breathing while he was laying on his back; so mommy and daddy had to take turns holding him all night long.  That makes for some pretty rough sleep for everyone.  I'm thankful that we were staying over at my folks' house, and my mom took over in the early morning hours, letting both Bud and I sleep in!  That felt amazing!

Guess we might be rescheduling our trip to the Pumpkin Farm yet again.      :(  Our little pumpkin is all dressed for the occasion and everything!

Speaking of dressing him, apparently that was a group effort this morning!

I can't believe my peanut is 4 weeks old today! 

You are getting so big, my little munchkin!

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