Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Girlfriend!

Flora Joy Wellington 
was born to a dear friend of mine, Karin, this past Saturday, October 23.

This now makes 5 girls born within the last two months to friends of mine, with no other boys.  Hendrix is just going to be a ladies man I guess. ;)

Daddy was giving him some pointers on how to impress her.  LOL Hendrix really was looking pretty intently at was really cute!  

She was such a little peanut to hold after being used to my growing son. What a precious bundle!

Hendrix really is growing lots.  He is 7 weeks old now, and is pretty much exclusively wearing his 3 month clothes.  Some of them (like this little raccoon sweater) are still a little baggy on him, but he has outgrown most of his newborn clothes specifically in the length.  He still isn't all that chubby, but he keeps stretching out.  I love trying new clothes from his closet on's so much more fun than playing with dolls was when I was a little girl!

I LOVE this face......I think he looks quite a bit like his daddy here.

I love this face too; it is his "seriously?" face!

The Kampman family came for a visit this weekend, and Hendrix enjoyed meeting his little (second) cousin Will.  Give them a few years, and I am sure they will enjoy playing with each other a lot more!  :)

  We celebrated the Cyclones' win this weekend!  This was at a tailgate at Ames Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry which is where I work.  

As is becoming the norm, Hendrix was passed around and adored. ;)  He loves the attention!

Grandma spent some time with us over the weekend.  They looked really cute snuggled up on the couch together for a nap, and then she read him some books before bedtime.  He loved it! I think that he is starting to look at the pictures more now....I'm still not sure how far he can see, but I have noticed him crossing his eyes sometimes while he is trying to focus on something so I think his vision is improving.  

Yesterday we decided to carve our pumpkins.

Which actually means, we decided to watch daddy carve our pumpkins.

And then we left daddy alone to carve pumpkins while we went and played. :)

He did a great job!  

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