Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our week in photos

My baby is 6 weeks old now!  He has really started to enjoy sitting up, I guess he wants to be a big boy and see everything around him!

Playing with his 'taggy' blanket

Getting so big!

Gabe holding Hendrix for the first time....he finally showed enough of an interest!

'What kind of tummy time is this anyways?'

I know I'm cute ;)

I love my mommy!

Zonked out with daddy

Our little Halloween "pumpkin"!

After a shower with daddy (which he loves!)

It's been a good week!  Happy Weekend :)



  1. Jenn, these pictures are so precious! He does look like he enjoyed the shower with daddy -- how'd that work out, though?

  2. It was actually great - Bud held him and I helped wash him and then took him to dry him off while Bud could finish up his own shower.
    He didn't cry at all, and even smiled while he was getting wet. I think he stays warmer and feels more secure being held. It is worth it to me to keep trying it......rather that than the screams of bath time....


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