Thursday, August 4, 2011

11 months already

another age milestone crossed and i really have no idea where the time is going.  way. too. quickly.

if i could sum up what he is up to this month in one word it would be standing.  he pulls himself up to everything and does lots of cruising.  he has ventured some steps more and more, though it is definitely not his go-to method of transportation yet. 

he has gotten more and more bold about only needing one hand to hold himself up and playing with the other.....and he has also recently started letting go completely and just standing to play.   he pulls himself up by my legs and is forever tripping me up when i am trying to get things done in the kitchen. lol

water remains one of his other favorite things! this was taken at the family museum when we were on vacation (which, by the way i plan to tell you all about with pictures as soon as i can get around to it.....)

he was a rockstar about travelling, and we stayed in two different bed and breakfasts along with a hotel on our trip.  he got really used to sleeping in his pack n' play, and this is the adorable face i see at the end of naptime.

he is super fascinated with animals.  he thinks that there are only two kinds though - kitties, or dogs.  anything with hair is a kitty, and everything else he just barks at.  this was interesting at the zoo. ;)

he is still a really good eater, though it is hard to tell these days as he is really thinning out.  i think some of that is because he is getting taller, but a lot of it is because he is on the go so much that he burns too many calories!  lol  

if i would let him eat a banana at every meal he would.  he recognizes them in the grocery store and hollers until i put some in the cart.  then he tries to crawl into the back of the cart to reach them.  i once gave him one to hold onto, but he ate right through the peel before we got to the checkout.  poor starving child.

he is getting so big, and gaining so much personality.  he is so much fun.

i am getting really excited about his upcoming birthday party! 

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