Monday, August 8, 2011

first baseball game

Hendrix went to his first I Cubs baseball game yesterday.  Bud and I have gone to at least one game every summer since we have met, and it was a fun tradition to continue as a family. ;)

Hendrix really enjoys people watching and he was busy taking everything in.  He got really excited when the players were on the field as well.

Of course the snacks are always one of the best parts of the he was enjoying some of him aunt Hannah's frozen lemonade...

...and here he is digging in my lemonade cup for some ice. 

It was a super gorgeous day for a game, and we had seats in the shade so the temperature was very pleasant.  

It was really fun to hang out with the newlywed couple - my brother and his wife!

Okay so Hendrix is a little antsy.  He likes to be on the go, so we spent some time climbing up and down the stairs....

crawling around....

...and making some new friends.  He is such a friendly little guy.  


At the end of the game, they let the kids go out on the field and run the bases, and daddy really wanted to let Hendrix have that experience.  Both of them were all smiles out there!

I think Hendrix likes baseball.

I know that daddy loves it! :)

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