Thursday, August 11, 2011

tunnels of fun

hendrix is the perfect age for playground exploration.  this has been a good fit because we have had exceptionally gorgeous weather for august in iowa.

we just walk a block and a half to this little park in our neighborhood and play until he gets tired of it.  
he likes to climb up the stairs by himself, and he is getting quite good at them.
he has also discovered that he likes going down the slide all by himself.  it is really a funny progression as he scoots all the way to the edge on his little bottom, then he has second thoughts and crawls away, but then he is lured back.  this repeats several times before he just goes for it.  then he squeals and tries to climb back up the slide!

i think the tunnel is his favorite feature by far.  it mixes the elements of peekabo, being at the park, feeling independent, and being able to get just out of mommy's reach all into one. i can totally see the lure!  

oh and don't forget that little baby voices echo inside the tunnel so it is very fun to holler ;) 

oh and he may or may not have had his first real tumble (falling sideways off the staircase from about 3 stairs up, landing face first in the mulch) while we were playing. 

mommy was most definitely more scared than he was.

after brushing off just a few tears and smearing mud streaks across his forehead, he climbed right back on that horse up those stairs to continue his fun.

gotta admire that spirited determination.  

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