Thursday, August 11, 2011

family vacation part 3 {baby accommodations}

when we travel, we feel like the place we spend our nights is as much a part of our experience as the fun things we see and do during the daytime.  this is the primary reason that we got interested in bed and breakfasts. 

our first night of vacation we stayed at zuber's homestead hotel in the amana colonies.  this place is sort of a hybrid between a bed and breakfast and a hotel.  

our room was really spacious which was nice for housing a baby and all the gear that goes along with one.
we also had a nice overstuffed rocker in our room which was perfect for hendrix for bedtime and naptime. 
the scenery was picturesque. 

there was a social room that was a casual place to hang out which was nice because hendrix gets a little stir crazy when he is confined in the same place for too long. 
the yard was a fun place to spend the evening, and hendrix loved swinging in his jammies.

he did great sleeping in his pack n' play, and even seemed to enjoy trying out a new bathtub.  

although vacationing with a baby changes the schedule around a little bit (planning to be back in your room for the night by 7:30 or 8 pm for example), it really wasn't stressful or overwhelming.  he is pretty easy going which most certainly helps!

mommy enjoyed taking advantage of all the gorgeous backdrops to take some shots of hendrix exploring. 

we love to play, can you tell?

the next night we stayed at the strawberry farm bed and breakfast which was also a fun, yet different, experience. 
our room was beautiful and we had a gorgeous view from our bedroom window!  This place was nothing like a hotel, but rather a farmhouse with only 3 rooms that get rented out to guests.  The innkeepers were grandparents who thoroughly enjoyed hendrix and invited us to hang out in their playroom with their grandkids toys. 

this was really nice as our room was alot smaller here.  hendrix is really social though so he enjoyed making new friends and chasing around after the puppy and kitty. 

we concluded that a b & b is a very fun place to stay on vacation even with a little guy.

the second half of our vacation we were in a hotel for my brother's wedding.  this was fun in a different way as 5 of the rooms on the first floor were reserved by my family members and hendrix roamed the halls with all of them. ;) 

other not pictured activities included a trip to the Figge art museum, a sunny waterpark afternoon, an evening stroll on the mississippi river pier complete with a travelling town carnival, and unfortunately a speeding ticket in our mailbox when we got home (yes, they apparently just take pictures and mail tickets these goodness how things have become high tech!)

in conclusion, we had a fun time as a family.  

can't wait until next vacation!

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