Friday, August 5, 2011

hendrix's ring bearer debut

so when my brother, jason and his bride, hannah asked hendrix to be the ring bearer in their wedding i was of course honored, thrilled, excited and just a teeny bit nervous.  i knew that he would be cute, of course, but i wasn't sure how much cooperation to expect from such a young fella.  :)  
i needn't have worried.  

he. did. awesome. 

he entertained himself very well during the down time at the rehearsal by finding a stick to play with. 

he practiced his walk down the aisle with his nana. 

he sweated a few bullets with his daddy, but remained smiley nonetheless.

his aunt hannah was the one that walked down the aisle with him.  she was the guest table gal, and that role gave her the freedom to help with him, and since he knows her well it seemed a good fit.  

being flexible to expect whatever he was capable of at the time, we decided to let him 'walk' holding onto her fingers as this is one of his favorite ways to get around!  his daddy was a groomsman so we knew that he would be able to look to him for encouragement as he started down the aisle.   

we planned to let him stay up there with daddy as long as he would cooperate (the backup plan would be to come and sit with me in the front row if needed).

hendrix helped decorate the park and reception hall in his jammies on the day of the ceremony.  he enjoyed lots of special moments with his various aunts and uncles throughout the day.  

he made a new friend in the hotel after he woke up from a nice long afternoon nap.

we opted to not go for a tux as it was an outdoor ceremony and we were not sure he would handle all the layers in the heat.  instead he had a tie and vest to match the big boys with just black dress pants and a white dress shirt.   he didn't seem to mind the outfit at all, and he even kept his coordinating 'camo' shoes on the entire ceremony!

he was ready to go!

he handled pictures like a pro, smiling and posing!  i am sure that it helped that daddy was there to hold him a lot, and don't forget to give me some credit for helping him to know what to expect when a camera is in his face!  lol

he walked down the aisle just like we planned, flashing everyone huge grins, and looking absolutely quite dapper.

then he stood up in front with his daddy for the entire ceremony and played with a couple books, sucked on his paci, and made a few appropriately timed squeals of delight. 

it was a beautiful wedding, and we were thrilled to be a very special part of it!  Congratulations to my brother and new sister-in-law!!

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