Monday, August 29, 2011

favorite toys

my toddler is starting to figure out that different toys are meant to be played with in different ways.  this is a big improvement from the days of exploring basically everything by eating it.  of course, i had thought that he finally understood that mulch was not for eating, when he shoveled several handfuls in during playgroup just a few days ago.....

it's still a learning curve apparently. 

he is showing much more interest in books.  he will sit in my lap and read 5 or 6 books before deciding to get up and walk away.  as we turn each page he likes to point to everything in the book, even on pages when there isn't a texture to feel (though most of his favorite books are the ones with textures).  i wonder if he does this because i am often pointing out what things in the book are to him. hmmmm

he knows that blocks are for stacking and knocking over.

he knows that balls are for throwing or kicking.  

he thinks any railing, gate, or elevated surface is for climbing.

he loves to "vroom" cars around by pushing them back and forth.

when he was playing with gabe the other day i actually saw him soaring/vrooming an airplane around in the air!  i am not sure if that was a coincidence or if it was intentional.  there are airplanes in one of his baby sign movies so you never know....

he also knows that babies are for hugging, kissing and rocking.  this doesn't mean that he never throws his baby, but it does mean that he seems to understand a little bit of what nurture is all about. 

i love seeing him play with his little doll and i am so glad that i had no shame about purchasing a baby (it was just from a consignment shop) for my son to play with.  

i would say that hands down, however, his favorite activity doesn't require any toys at all.  he loves to be outside.  especially now that he can walk around himself, he can explore everything in a new way and doesn't need anything else to entertain him.  i am not sure what we are going to do with him this winter.

get him some good snow boots, i guess.

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