Saturday, June 30, 2012

23 weeks

check out these crazy acrobatics.....blaire has her leg up over her head!  she was sure moving around a lot during this ultrasound, and managed to have both her kneecap and her fist both right up by her face at the same time......good thing those little limbs are made of rubber as of now!

my cervix measurement was exactly the same as it was at my last ultrasound, so both doc and i breathed a sigh of relief (for now anyways), and other than scheduling another ultrasound for in another three weeks, there is no other action needed.  looks like the cerclage will be unnecessary!  hooray ;)  there is still talk of progesterone shots, but we will revisit that based on what we find next time.

as for baby blaire; she is about the size of a mango, and with both her sense of hearing keenly picking up and her developing sense of movement, she can appreciate all these dance parties that hendrix and i have been having!  i will be curious to see if she responds to the intro music to all of hendrix's favorite tv shows after she is born. lol

by the way, hendrix's dance moves are becoming more varied everyday.....when i picked him up from my friend's house the other afternoon, he was doing ballerina twirls in their living room.   ;)

we are busy making plans for our vacation next week, and can't wait to spend some much needed time relaxing with our little family of three!  can't believe we are going to be saying farewell to the second trimester soon......

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