Monday, June 11, 2012

big boy bed

for as worried as i was about transitioning hendrix from his crib to his big boy bed, it was really super uneventful.  

it had been sitting in our garage for a few weeks (thanks to the donation from one of one good friends), and daddy decided to get it out while mommy was gone for an afternoon last weekend.  

when i got home hendrix was so excited to show it to me and call it his "bed" that i couldn't say no, so we decided to give it a shot.

he ended up going down for bed that night and everytime after that just as normally and easily as when we put him in his crib.  we still follow our routine of a couple stories and a couple songs, and then we tuck him in and say goodnight.  
and he stays there.  
all night.

well, i guess he has been getting up earlier than usual (like 5 am pretty consistently) but then we bring him into our room to snuggle with us while we are still waking up.

he hasn't figured out how to get his bedroom door open yet, so each morning we are awakened to the sound of a few pitter-patter feet, and then the shaking of the doorknob.

i don't imagine it will be long though and he will get that mastered......

i can't get over how grown up he looks in his bed.

he doesn't understand the covers thing yet though, and just kicks them off.  he loves to sleep with his blankie (he has since he was born), but he uses it to snuggle more than to cover himself up.

and just in case you are curious about how the crib and the bed fit into the little bitty nursery, here is a shot where you can see both. ;)  blaire and hendrix are going to have to learn to deal with each other's sleep patterns, as that is just the way of it in this old house.  it really isn't as cramped as i thought it was going to be, and i think it will work fine.

i love this big boy!  

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