Friday, June 22, 2012

playroom art gallery

i finally finished up my last project for the playroom.  it has been something that i have been developing for a while, thanks to some inspiration from pinterest, but it just kept getting pushed to the back burner.

after hendrix's fabulous finger painting artwork the other day, i decided that we needed to make displaying his creations more of a priority and i just got the supplies and set off to work (with my little helper of course)

the frames are a random collection acquired from a combination of garage sales, good will, and one that i got from the 80% off clearance section at hobby lobby.  i wanted to have varying sizes and styles of frames to make it interesting.  i also picked up the ART letters for 99 cents each.

i did have to pick up one extra paint color, and i chose a spray paint can because i wanted something that would stick well to this frame that is made of some sort of plastic, not wood.  the other two colors i used were leftover from our previous projects in the playroom which i thought would help tie the whole project together. ;)

my helper really wanted to get messy and use the brush to help mommy.  

he was actually a pretty good helper, and he sure made the project more fun.  i thought it was fitting that he wanted to be involved.

i learned that painting on the grass is not probably the best the grass got stuck on the frames, and i had to do extra coats to make it all nice and even.  and there are some big blue patches of grass in my yard now.  oopsies....

hubby was impressed when he came home to these sitting in our yard......i had talked about doing this project, but i don't think he knew how it would turn out.  he loves it!  

as soon as it dried he helped me hang it in our playroom.  and i was so excited to sift through the piles of artwork that i had filed away to find the perfect piece for each frame.  i love that the use of the alligator clips is going to make it so easy to change out the artwork regularly and keep it fresh and current!

it is great way to utilize a big wall and make it bright, colorful and personal!

i love that the playroom now finally looks complete.  

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  1. Cute idea! I've been looking for a cool way to display my kids' works of art!

  2. cute cute cute! Love this. Now to find a wall I can use...

  3. I plan on doing this project. I pinned it a few months ago and it's since been re-pinned 74 times. Looks like a lot of people like your idea ;-)


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