Tuesday, June 5, 2012

lego garden

oh man, i am way slow in posting these photos.  they are from last month, but we had so much fun that i decided to share them late anyways.

as i've mentioned before, we love going to reiman gardens, and this year's theme had mr. hendrix (and daddy too!) super excited. 

 it is all about legos and there are huge lego sculptures all over the park.  

we have some mega blocks at home that hendrix really likes to play with, and he recognized them as the same thing as the legos, so he would point to the sculptures and say 'blocks'.

it was a gorgeous day for a picnic the day we went, so hendrix enjoyed a peanut butter sandwich in between sights.

and of course, we had to stop in to say hi to the butterflies.

love these sweet fellas!

gotta take time to play in the dirt too.

on the exhibit's opening day, we had the privilege of meeting and building block creations with the artist of these sculptures, who also happens to be the author of several lego books.

(excuse the poor photo quality, this was taken with my phone....)

we came home with an autographed book from sean kenney, and i can't wait to remind hendrix of this encounter when he is old enough to build some of the cars and trucks from this book ;)

what a fun experience!

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