Friday, June 29, 2012


i had my first experience blueberry picking last weekend, and we had so much fun and have been enjoying the most delicious blueberries ever since!

(please excuse the following low-quality phone photos, but it was looking like rain and i didn't want to drag around my nice camera at the berry patch; though after i got there and saw the awesome photo op it would have been, i wish i would have brought it......maybe next time!)

it didn't take long at all for hendrix to catch on that the berries were yummy, and that it was more fun to eat them than it was to put them in the bucket!

he also thought it was fun to hide in the bushes, and flirt with other berry pickers.

we brought home a whole ice cream bucket full of delicious berries!  and the bucket only cost 8 bucks. ;) it was definitely an experience worth repeating, and we will be sure to head to the berry patch farm for other kinds of berries throughout the season.  

after we got home, i turned to pinterest to find inspiration for new berry recipes and was very intrigued by this yogurt cake.  While i love blueberry pie (in small doses), it tends to be too rich and too sweet for me, and i wanted something a little bit lighter for this hot summer weather we have been having. 


it wasn't a long list of ingredients, and you just dump them all together, stirring the berries gently a the end.  i did add more berries than the recipe called for (mostly because i had soooo many, but also because it just looked right!)

the batter was yummy (or at least that is what the boys told me.....), so i was hopeful!

after it cooled, i sprinkled a little powdered sugar on it, and served it warm for dessert!

not only did my hubby and i like it, but hendrix greedily gobbled up his piece so i consider the recipe a huge success!  

i would say that the consistency resembled muffins more than it did cake, though maybe it would best be likened to a coffee cake.  hubby thinks it would make yummy pancake batter as well, so i guess it is a versatile recipe!


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