Thursday, June 21, 2012

artist in the making

hendrix loves making artwork.  
he has been using crayons and markers both for quite a while now;  i think he might have gotten his first set for christmas, and ever since then he has gone crazy with his desire to create.  

up until today his preference has always been markers (because they make him feel more like a big boy, i think) but i wonder if finger paints may now be in the running as a new favorite! 

we picked these up at hobby lobby today while i was getting a few necessities for my most recent craft project, and i decided to set him up in the backyard to enjoy the mess outside.  

he started off surprisingly conservative.....just sticking those two pointer fingers in and staying really clean.....

but it wasn't long before he was shouting at me that he needed "this one" opened also, and then we were painting with all 4 colors.  that makes the whole endeavor much messier by default.  lol

he was concentrating really hard on his masterpiece.

before we knew it, he had colored three pictures.  he was telling me about the colors he was using, and even making up stories about his picture......this one he told me was a chicken.  


it was a perfect summer afternoon activity, and i wonder how long it will be before he is begging to 'paint' again.  ;)

next up, hendrix's new art gallery wall.......we have to have a fabulous place to display all these wonderful paintings!

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