Thursday, June 7, 2012


hendrix has a couple of favorite tv shows.  i think his absolute favorite is curious george; which is probably reinforced because we have several curious george books that we like to read, and his nursery theme has animals in it (which includes horses and monkeys, both big favorites). oh, and he has three sock monkeys in his bed that he sleeps with.

when i heard that george was going to be at the zoo for the grand opening of the new monkey exhibit, i just knew that we had to be there!  ;)  hendrix was happy to give george a high five, but didn't want to get much closer.  he was also happy to check out all the animals again!  seems like our zoo trips never get old....

in just over a month, we have already gotten our money's worth out of our year-long zoo membership.  just seeing his delight at all the animals makes it worth it to go again and again......

as for some of his other favorite shows.......

he likes the dinosaur train

the songs to these shows are continually rolling around in my head, and he likes to sing the little ditty from the cat in the hat all throughout the day (come on and go, go, go, go, on an adventure......)

at least these show are jam-packed full of learning moments, and inspire singing and dancing.....

i think we only watch tv in moderation, so i am not too worried about him, but i do find it amusing that he thinks he is buddies with the characters from his shows. ;)

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  1. Curious George was at the zoo??? I'm so bummed we missed that! Lily LOVES George!

    PS -- the picture of Hendrix on your blog background is adorable!


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