Sunday, July 1, 2012

more water, please!

it has been so blasted hot around here that all of my plants have been craving water just as much as my little fishie toddler has been.  that is okay, because he gladly volunteered to help me water the yard.  the only thing is, he thought it was far more fun to water the sidewalk than it was to water the live plants.

silly boy

oh and when daddy showed him how he could grab a drink from the hose, much like from a drinking fountain, staying somewhat dry during this process went completely out the window.

that's okay, it was already 85 degrees at 8am this morning.  
it was probably a nice treat!

he took his job seriously....

and was truly devastated when daddy turned the hose off and the water just stopped coming.

sorry pal, we can repeat this again tomorrow if you want.....

the yard will thank you!

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  1. Oh my! He is such a stud! Love the facial expression in the last photo, haha.

    Im your newest follower


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