Tuesday, July 31, 2012

birthday soccer

so this year, my hubby and i shared both our birthdays and our anniversary with the iowa games.  it was a crazy weekend of soccer-playing, a house full of family and friends, and lots of sunshine!

hendrix had lots of fun watching his daddy play ball, and was really good at staying on the sidelines (i had worried that he would be so interested in the game that he would think he could run on the field.....but he really made no attempts at all!)  he would cheer when everyone else would cheer, and he was really good at giving "pounds" to the boys after the games.

the team consisted of all four of my brothers along with other guys that they had played soccer with in our hometown over the years.  it was fun to see them all playing together.

the only injury of the weekend (other than the typical scrapes, bruises and overworked muscles) was the dislocated toe that my oldest brother, jason, got during the second game.  it was pretty bad, and he was very lucky that there was a podiatrist working at the medical tent who could help him get it back in place without requiring an ER visit.  he had to keep it taped and out of his shoes for the rest of the weekend, so that bummed him out, but it could have been worse. 

the boys played a total of four games in two days, and that was an awful lot of effort for these older, slightly out of shape, guys ;)  thankfully the weather was relatively cool the first day, and only super hot and unbearable for that last game.

hendrix and i snuggled under the umbrella to keep cool and even at that, we were both drenched in sweat.  i need to remind myself that i would rather not be pregnant in the summertime ever again. ;)  lol

it was a fun weekend, and it was especially fun to see my boys bonding over some ball playing!  hendrix just adores his daddy and loved kicking the ball around with him after the games.

i have a feeling soccer spectating may be a big part of my future........

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