Wednesday, August 1, 2012

27 weeks

my 27 week belly.

i am absolutely loving dresses this pregnancy!  i happened to receive several really cute and trendy dresses as gifts from all the stylish gals in my life for my birthday.....and have been finding them far cooler and more comfortable than shorts.  thanks ladies ;)  there is something about them that makes me think my belly is far more endearing than it is just plain huge and frumpy......

miss blaire is weighing in at almost two pounds now; no wonder i am starting to get more and more uncomfortable as each day passes.  in fact, i actually have a sneaking suspicion that she has done some rotating from her 'head sideways' position, to more of a 'head down' position.  the biggest clue for me was the other night i felt her hiccuping for the first time.....and those hiccups were super almost beneath my belly.  it seems like the kicks are higher than they used to be too, which would kind of make sense if she rotated around.  

 all the same, it seems like she is riding much lower than hendrix was.....i don't feel nearly as much pressure in my rib cage, and a lot more of it it my lower back.

oh, and my 'button' is really popped now.  you can even see it through my clothes.  

how. attractive.

my lap is getting smaller and smaller which makes me sad for hendrix, but in the last two weeks he has adopted some super cute habits about my belly, including saying 'i love you, blaire' when he kisses my tummy, and also in pointing out her bed in his room.  he likes to remind me that he has the big boy bed, and the baby crib is for blaire (which sounds a bit more like bear, but whatev....he is trying!)

here's to my third trimester....

i am ready!

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