Saturday, August 25, 2012

31 weeks

31 weeks pregnant.

NOT really a great time to get my driver's license picture taken, but hey, it was time to renew it.  
please don't ask to look at it.  i look fat. real fat.  i guess i didn't realize that i had gained any weight in my face (how could i when it seems to be going all straight to my tummy??), but when you compare it to my previous photo it is pretty clear that i am chubby.  puffy.  swollen.  whatever you want to call it.

blaire you are so worth it, but you are wreaking havoc on my figure.  i am in the stage in this pregnancy when i start outgrowing even my maternity clothes. 

blaire baumgartner - 31 weeks
just for fun i dug around and found a comparison bump of my pregnancy with hendrix, and really they seem pretty comparable.  i still think it seems like she sticks out a little father than he did, and also that she seems to be riding a little lower.  what do you think?

hendrix baumgartner - 31 weeks

i'm still feeling pretty good, though i definitely am running lower on energy, and my appetite is starting to be impacted by my shrinking tummy space.  we ate at noodles & co the other night for dinner (which has probably been the closest thing that i have had to cravings this pregnancy), and even though i was starving, i could only eat about half of what i ordered, which i had easily been able to devour just a few weeks ago.  

oh well, probably not a bad thing if i slow down on the weight gain, as at my dr. appt last week i was up 8 pounds from my appointment the month before.  

speaking of weight, blaire is weighing in at around 3.3 pounds this week, and finally starting to build up a little bit of baby chub on those itty bitty arms and legs.  she is most definitely getting stronger and stronger as her little kicks and somersaults are clearly visible through my clothes.  she is an active lil' gal.....

must take after her big brother!  :)

last week was my final monthly doctor visit, and now i get to start going every two weeks.  doc said that everything looks and sounds good, and i am measuring right on target.

now moving higher on my priority list is getting a carseat bought and installed for miss blaire, and also sorting through all the clothes that i have for her and even getting them into her room.  i need to find a creative way to store all of hendrix's and blaire's wardrobes in their itty bitty nursery.......

we are getting family photos taken next week, and i am glad that i decided to do it relatively early because this bump is about to go from cute and big, to just plain monstrous!  


  1. Absolutely adorable! Love all your tummy shots :). Blaire will be here before you know it! And I can't wait to dote on her and be jealous until my own little sweetie arrives. *hugs*

  2. Awww I hope Iowa isn't too hot right now, never fun I'm sure at the late stages of pregnancy. You look cute! Love reading progress!


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