Thursday, August 16, 2012

wedding weekend

last weekend my brother married his gorgeous best friend; and my little family had the honor of being a big part of their special day.

i was the photographer for their wedding, and am still trying to make time to sort through all the photos i took of this fabulous looking group!

hendrix was the ring bearer, just like for my other brother's wedding last summer (here he is being held by my little sister, one of the bridesmaids) and he really did a pretty good job with his role.  he did run down the last part of the aisle because he was excited to see his mommy at the end taking pictures (and when he tackled me, it did make the few photos that i got of him turn out blurry......ooops!), but it was pretty cute! 

and then his daddy was one of the he got to spend a good chunk of the day hanging out with my parents and my other sister, while his folks were busy with their duties.  he did a great job being flexible, and had lots of fun dancing and boogeying at the reception.

well, until he hit his wall, about 9 pm or so, when he just came to me and said pitifully, "mommy, night-night, pleeeeeeeeese", which of course melted me!  lol

we were able to capture this special four-generation photo since my grandma, who lives in new york, was here for the wedding.  it was fun to introduce her grandson to her, and he very sweetly told her goodbye, and "i love you" before she left.

now to just sift through the other 1,586 photos that i took of the weekend.......

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